Sacred Heart Convent International School

Admission Regulations
    • Registration to Class – I is made in January every year according to the dates mentioned in the Principal’s Circular.
    • Eligibility of age for admission to Class – I is 5 years. Candidates below 5 years of age as in the month of Registration should not seek admission.
    • New admission to other classes will be made subject to the vacancies in each class after the declaration of the annual results at the end of month of March.
    • Students applying for admission to other classes, are, as a rule, subject to an entrance examination held at the beginning of the academic year.
    • They will take the test from the syllabus of the class one below to which they seek admission.
    • Students who seek admission to other classes in this school are required to submit their original date of birth certificate in addition to their previous school-leaving certificate showing their date of birth.
    • No special books are required for preparation.
    • They must bring their own stationery.
  • Students can be withdrawn from the school:
    • By giving one calendar month’s notice in writing. In the absence of such a notice one month’s fee will be charged.
    • For withdrawal after April 30,fee for two months i.e. May and June will have to be paid. Those who leave school in November will have to pay the fees for December also.
    • School Leaving Certificate will be given only after the settlement all the school dues.
    • Application for School Leaving Certificate should be made in writing by the parents as well as on the prescribed form.
    • An amount of ` 100/- is charged for issuing a School Leaving Certificate or the Date of Birth or for any certified information from the School General Register.
  • Students can also be asked to discontinue by the school authorities on one of the following grounds:
    1. Constant poor results in studies
    2. Irregularity in attendance
    3. Behavourial problems
    4. Over- age
    5. Non-payment of fees or constant irregularity in payment of fees.
    6. Moral breach considered serious by the School Management.
    • Pink card: For irregular or late attendance, untidiness and lack of proper outfit, neglect of daily lessons, frequent omission of home work, lack of study material and required books etc. A green card will be issued after three pink cards.
    • Green card: For insolence, filthy language, stealing, flippant or malicious behaviour, copying in examination or a test, truancy, etc. Three green cards mean dismissal of the concerned student from the school.